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Navigating the NFT Maze Shouldn't Be a Solo Journey

The world of blockchain is vast, but breaking through the noise is a challenge that many online entrepreneurs face. You're not just a creator; you're a visionary, constantly seeking new horizons. Yet, the complexities of NFT technology, from minting to marketplace integration, can feel like deciphering an ancient, cryptic language. It's not just about creating; it's about connecting, securing, and trading your digital assets in a space that's as dynamic as it is daunting.


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Why Settle for Less When You Can Have the Best?

Common Solutions Often Miss the Mark

Current platforms can be a patchwork of complicated processes and generic services that don't cater to the unique needs of innovators like you.. They leave you grappling with poor user experience, security concerns, and integration headaches, turning your innovative journey into an uphill battle.

From Creation to Monetization: Your NFT Journey, Simplified

Embrace the Future with Confidence and Creativity

Fluent transforms your creative process by eliminating the technical overload. Imagine deploying NFTs without writing a line of code, integrating seamlessly into marketplaces, and having a dedicated team to promote your work. With Fluent, your focus shifts back to creativity, while we handle the intricacies of the NFT world, ensuring your art gets the platform and the appreciation it deserves.

Why Fluent is the Choice for nft project founders

Elevate Your NFT Game with Unmatched Ease and Expertise

Your Path to Success with Fluent

Addressing Common Concerns with Clear, Compelling Solutions

Worried about technical complexities? Fluent's user-friendly interface makes NFT creation accessible to all.

Concerned about market relevance? Our continuous innovation keeps you ahead in the fast-evolving NFT landscape.

Thinking about costs? Fluent offers scalable pricing, ensuring value for projects of all sizes.

Your Toolkit for nft creation

Where Every Feature Brings You Closer to Success

NFT Creation with Fluent

Turn your digital art into NFTs with ease, focusing on creativity while we handle the tech

Unleash your artistic potential without being bogged down by blockchain complexities

Seamless Marketplace Integration

Get your NFTs seen and traded on top platforms without the integration headaches

Expand your reach and visibility, ensuring your art finds its audience and its value.

Comprehensive Support

From technical guidance to promotional strategies, our team is with you at every step

Feel supported and confident, focusing on your art while we navigate the technical stuff.


Walletless Whitelists

Fluent's Walletless Whitelist feature, leverages Discord to streamline the minting process. This integration allows creators to easily grant mint access through Discord roles, eliminating the need for managing extensive lists of wallet addresses that need to be manually submitted to traditional Launchpads


Smart Presale

Coming Soon

Automated application and approval process for presale allocation.

More focused, value-driven selection process, ensuring higher quality and potential returns. Minimizes risk and human bias, creating a more transparent and trustworthy ecosystem for digital collectible presales.


Priority Prepay

Coming Soon

Enables users to prepurchase digital collectibles ahead of time

Offers convenience and ensures that users don't miss out on desired digital collectibles due to different time zones or availability issues. Allows for price adjustments based on demand.


White Labelled Platform

Fully customizable UI for a personalized minting experience.

Allows launchpads to have their own branded site, offering a superior user experience and aesthetic appeal.


Multiple Mint Types

Offers a variety of mint types including Standard Mint, Burn and Mint, Variable Mint and Raffle Mint (coming soon).

Provides flexibility and a variety of options to cater to different preferences, leading to a more engaging and rewarding minting experience.



..mint PNFT?

Yes, FLUENT can mint both standard NFT’s and pNFT’s.

…burn an NFT to mint an NFT?

Yes, FLUENT can burn NFTs and mint a new NFT in a single transaction. Our UI even allows the user to select the NFTs they wish to burn before generating the transaction.

…accept mixed payments?

Yes, FLUENT can be configured to accept SOL, SPL’s or NFTs as payment individually or a combination of each.

…support multiple lists? 

Yes, FLUENT supports multiple lists, each with their own rule set and mint style. Some general examples of these lists are OG, White List, Public. However, projects can configure these however they like, within reason.

…work on mobile?

Yes, FLUENT has been optimized for mobile devices. However, like all web3 dapps, the user will need to launch it in their mobile wallet app. Supported wallets include Phantom and Solflare.

…Freeze NFTs until the mint is finished? 

Yes, projects can opt to freeze the collection until the mint has finished. 

Which wallets are supported? 

All major wallets are supported, these include Phantom, Solfare, Backpack, Glow and more. 

Is FLUENT a white label solution? 

Yes, once signed up launchpads can choose to theme FLUENT in their company branding, or have FLUENT themed for the project its launching. In either case, your branding, name and subdomain will be used.

I am a launchpad, why would I use FLUENT?

Launchpads need to provide various services like marketing, advisory, and art. Adding technology can be tough, and without a dedicated team, you might fall behind competitors. Simpl3r is skilled in creating advanced technology. By using FLUENT, you can focus on giving your customers more value, save money on product teams, and use the latest technology.

How does FLUENT handle payments?

FLUENT is customizable and able to handle multiple payout wallets at the same time. This means that we can automatically split each party's funds from each transaction as it's processed. Allowing you to 

Who is responsible for setting up a mint?

Simpl3r will provide back of house staff to man your communication channels with your clients. Our staff will present themselves as part of your launchpad using your branding etc. This will allow us to set up each mint for you and ensure a smooth launch.

How much does it cost to use FLUENT?

We charge a percentage of each mint, or a split of the launchpad fees. This means there is no ongoing subscription costs or contracts. Contact us today to discuss how we can price FLUENT to give you a competitive edge.

Is there a setup fee?

Depending on your mint requirements there may be a set up fee. This covers all design and development time required to set up and theme FLUENT for your brand.

The Future of Your NFT Journey Begins Now!

Don't Let Complexity Dim Your Creative Light

Embrace the simplicity and power of Fluent. Join the ranks of digital creators who've overcome the technical barriers and are now reaping the rewards of their digital assets. The opportunity is here, and it's fleeting. Secure your spot in this digital renaissance today, and let your creativity flourish.



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